Inside AX Blog Has Some Idol Gems In Its Mix

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When the Inside AX blog was recommended to us, it brought back fond memories. I’d only been to Anime Expo once, in 2000, but I remember it being a wonderful, magical time filled with anime and manga and beautiful boys cosplaying as Card Captor Sakura… (I also bought a much-cherished Marmalade Boy Miki doll there, but let’s not pick on old wounds…) Anyways, I was not at all surprised to find the site focusing on Anime Expo’s strengths – anime, manga, games, and associated geek media. With the strong showing of idol guests in recent years, I was also pleased to see idol coverage as part of the blog; it isn’t a large part, maybe ten percent at best, but I’d say that’s a fair representation given the con’s audience. The way I see it, it’s another subtle way for non-wota to be exposed to wotadom without driving them away screaming.

Jason Young seems to be the staff editor handling all the idol posts, and he’s got reviews worth digging out in the midst of the anime, movie, and gaming posts – a sampling is listed above with the main site link. The write-up on Berryz at Sakura-con was especially interesting, giving a fresh perspective to the event.

So depending on how otaku you are, this may be the ideal blog to add to your feed and keep you up to date with the latest J-culture developments. If you’re less into that scene, I’d say at least check in once in awhile, seeking out new posts on the idol front.