Blogger of the Month

Introducing IW’s Blogger of the Month

Starting with Intl Wota Version 3.0, we will have a Blogger of the Month section. Each month, one of our IW curators will choose a specific blog or blogger who we feel deserves special attention and praise. The criteria for selecting that blogger is up to the individual IW curator: it became clear in discussions that there are a wide range of reasons we used to decide who each of us would pick, and that this was a thing worth emphasizing. Some of us had considered long term contributions to the wotasphere, others chose based on the quality of writing, others based on a certain commitment to a single topic.

So each month, a Blogger will be chosen, interviewed, and share a selection of favorite posts with us. We hope that by taking such a focused look on one blogger at a time, the richness of our wotasphere and the talent it holds will be better appreciated and maybe inspire others to become bloggers themselves.

The first blogger to receive this honor will be announced at the end of next week, so stay tuned! It could be you! And if not this month, maybe next month!

UPDATE: To give the first Blogger of the Month a full month of glory and adulation, we won’t begin this feature until June 1st.