J. Popping Goes For In-Depth Analysis of H!P

J. Popping

This is a brand new blog, barely a couple weeks old, and deserves the attention of every H!P wota out there. Sophie is a pretty sharp blogger, bringing big questions and insightful answers, as well as strong opinions (without being obnoxious) and a healthy dose of snark (without appearing overly cynical). So yeah, I like it – and if you’re a fan of Hello! Project, you’ll probably like it too.

In several cases – like the review of C-ute’s latest PV or the 2011 H!P Winter Concert – the topic is broken down into Winners and Losers, which works well enough to convey what works and what doesn’t. But what I really like are the more general analysis pieces, including one that considers the end results of H!P Eggs training and another that examines the “it” girls of H!P groups and why one group in particular shouldn’t follow that path.

For me, though, the highlight post so far has been a comparison of S/mileage and Momoiro Clover, based on interviews they conducted with each other for some TV show, measuring how much each group compliments and promotes itself and how much it mocks the other group. With Kanon and Maeda on one side, the results aren’t exactly surprising. That said, the notion of S/mileage mocking Momoclo seems a bit Mean Girls out of context; I’d actually argue that a setting like Hello! Project encourages a much more… robust rivalry… and that screwing each other over a little is part of the training mindset there. And while I don’t know if I completely agree with Sophie’s conclusions – it’s something of a draw between the two groups, since wota appreciate that Momoclo are more genuine, if less professional (makes me think of the old Hulk Versus Thing question in comics) – there is plenty of food for thought here, as there is for all the other posts.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a new post in a week. Maybe things have been busy, maybe there hasn’t been enough encouragement. Certainly, it takes a good amount of time to write posts like the ones I’ve described, and I don’t think it’d be unreasonable to expect only one or two posts a week of that quality. So give this blog a try, maybe post a comment or two, and hope that Sophie has a lot more to share with us. For my part, I’m looking forward to much more from her.