Morning Musume Announces Tenth Gen Auditions

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In a surprise move that gave the wotasphere a memorable Mother’s Day, auditions for the tenth gen of Morning Musume have been announced. Apparently Tsunku is looking to add two new girls who can help lift Japan’s spirits in the wake of the recent disaster; these new members will join after current leader Takahashi Ai graduates towards the end of this year.

For the most part, bloggers were shocked at how soon this is happening after the debut of ninth gen, and the bloggers sampled here seem a little split on whether or not this will indeed help lift the nation’s spirits, though Gaki finds it very convincing. There are also guesses that new members will also mean more graduations, namely Niigaki Risa, since she’ll be the oldest member once Takahashi Ai leaves. Also, there is speculation on the possible ages of the new inductees, as the ninth gen has already reduced the average age of Morning Musume a great deal, and the balance between new and old members.

And just in time to deliver incisive snark at the auditions news, a brand spanking new blog has appeared in our wotasphere! The blog is called NYAN~ love ♥, the blogger calls herself Chiyu, and her reaction to the tenth gen announcement is quite amusing, indeed. Anyone who uses the word “pedobait” as blithely as she does makes me wanna read some more.

If you’re looking for more discussion on the tenth gen announcement, stay tuned! There’s a special IW Roundtable coming up later tonight, under IW Original Content.