Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – May 11, 2011

murr’s Picks

吉川 友 – きっかけはYOU! – Youtube (ninety9nightsChannel)
Why is Kikkawa so damn pretty!? *mumblegrumble*

Japanese-American singer SHANTI making sound waves – Japan Today
I always like reading about Americans making waves in the Japanese Entertainment world.

Ray’s Picks

Tomoe Yamanaka ~ Kneehigh Gallery (3 sets) – Jappydolls
Mayumi’s younger sister is coming along great, isn’t she?

CHEAP & TRASHY. – NYAN~ love ♥
Ever read a negative review that is SO scathing you kinda wanna experience the Bad Thing in question, just to verify for yourself? Well, this is one of those.

~The DA~TSUNKU CODE (by Tsunooki~:P)… – モーニングBerryz48
MorningBerryz unlocks the mysteries of the Morning Musume tenth gen announcement.

Jinsei wa Ikkai – Bikkuri Project
A short but poignant post from Celestia about regrets.

Brian’s Picks

Tokunaga Chinami 2011/05/10 – blog!project
Chinami poses with a very special wota.

[itano tomomi] at the office – HAPPY☆TOMOCHIN
A translated Itano Tomomi entry. Most importantly, TOMO’S GOT SWAG.

Interview with R&B singer, Boni – Earcandy Express.
Arie Jai’s interview with Korean R&B singer Boni (@Boni_10).

2NE1 – LONELY [HD] – Youtube (2NE1)
It’s out! This is something entirely different from 2NE1. I think it’s a shame they won’t be performing it on music shows. I’m going to go searching for responses to this now.

Gusya Ningen- FFV.フルver. PV – Neaux Clicked on It
Let’s just say this is my “pick” of the day.