Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – May 17, 2011

AoiUsa’s Picks

Majisuka Gakuen and Human Liberation – Wota (in training)
You wouldn’t think that AKB48’s drama about pretty girls beating each other up would be grounds for a post about feminist pop culture. Surprisingly it works out pretty well in this instance.

Thank You – blog!project
Shimizu Saki blogs about her mom, giving us a peek at what the life of an Idol’s parent must be like.

‘Momoiro Sparkling’: Lots of Bubbles, not enough Sparkle – New School Kaidan
I liked Momoiro Sparkling, but that doesn’t stop me from reveling in every snarky comment in this post.

Brian’s Picks

Team N 1st stage [Dareka no Tame ni] Review – MELOS no Michi
Melos has an overview and review of NMB Team N’s 1st stage.

KAT-TUN performs “White” on “Music Japan” & “Coming Soon!!” – Tokyohive
They look like an uncoordinated middle school dance group that are performing to five different songs. BUT THOSE SMILES.