Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – May 13, 2011

murr’s Picks

C-ute, the best singing group :P – Chisato Intelligence Agency
A biased fan is CLEARLY biased.

mano is awesome – Everyday Happenings in the Idol Universe
Ehhhhh…. I still don’t see it.

Ray’s Picks

capsule – World of Fantasy PV
Nakata is in the video? My guess, Toshiko’s chopped him up and shoveled his remains into the glove compartment.

Tomoe Yamanaka ~ DVD Gallery [2011.05] – Jappydolls
More sweet sweet eyecandy for fans of the Yamanaka Sisters.

SNSD to announce “BIG NEWS” on May 16th – allkpop
Want a hint? Four words: Mass Gender Re-Assignment Surgery.