Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – May 15, 2011

Brian’s Picks

Kikkawa Yu- Kikkake wa You! – Neaux Clicked On It
Maybe it’s just me, but being “locked in some weird room where she must sort balls and balloons” does not sound like a weird setting for a J-pop music video…

Kikkawa Yuu – Kikkake wa YOU! – Selective Hearing
Greg reviews the Kikkawa single and approves of all of the b-sides.

murr’s Picks

黒猫チェルシー – “YOUNG BLUE” – SparkPlugged
Shen’s recommendations are hit or miss, but this one is a definite HIT.

~It’s Saturday the 14th, do you know what your Kinki DOLLS♥ are up to?… – モーニングBerryz48…the morning after…..
I love reading MB’s thoughts when unboxing J-pop goods.

Ray’s Picks

Razor Ramon HG celebrates second child – Tokyograph
Congratulations to the happy family, whooooooooooooo!!!

T.M.Revolution to star in Japanese production of musical “Rock of Ages” – Tokyograph
Looks like the Music Man has a new theater role lined up!