After School Have Group Showers!

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We really need to quote the article here:

In the same episode, the dorm life of After School was revealed and garnered a lot of attention.

Since there are a lot of members within the group, there are many incidents when socks, food, and even undergarments go missing.

MC Lee Young Ja commented that they seem like they would “wear pretty pajamas when sleeping“, to which After School replied, “We shower together so we tend to not wear much clothes around in the dorm,” leaving much to imagination.

Can you just imagine it? Can’t you? Well I can, and I’m going to help you imagine it some, too…

E-young usually didn’t stay over at the dorms, but tonight they were rehearsing extra late so she was invited to sleep over. But she was so sweaty, she needed a shower. She scrubbed herself vigorously, basking as the showerhead cascaded warm water over her young, supple body. She was so glad to be part the group but wasn’t sure at first if her special skills would be accepted. The popping, the guitar playing, the drumming…

She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder and was surprised to see Nana there, already lathering up, smiling. “You did good today. Lemme give you a hand with that loofah.”

To E-Young’s surprise, Kahi and Bekah and Raina also arrived, taking off the few undergarments they were wearing around the dormitory. More showerheads were turned on and it became something of a party, as they sang little songs and scrubbed each other down and kissed friendly kisses and scrubbed each other down and compared sizes of body parts and scrubbed each other down. Lizzy arrived with the vidcam, recording for their extensive shower scene archives.

It was clear who the guest of honor, was though, as Kahi and Bekah rubbed conditioner into E-Young’s hair while Reina and Nana took a pumice on her knees and elbows, rubbing gently, then more firmly as Lizzy set up the tripod so that she could join in on the fun. E-Young knew her special gifts were appreciated by her groupmates, and shared those gifts freely as the water cleansed them of all their inhibitions.

Drying off afterwards, Kahi told Bekah, “You see? I told you it’d be great if we got a pre-op tranny as the new member of our group.”

“Especially one as hung as that!” Bekah said, still impressed by what she encountered.

Kahi shrugged. “Sure, this means we lose some socks to her… personal time… but it’s worth it.”

Back in reality and in other news, After School released a new version of a PV and will officially debut in Japan soon. allkpop has the details.