Full Metal Socko

This is my idol. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Berryz Koubou, C-ute star in female version of “Sengoku Jieitai” (Updated) – Tokyograph
Band of Sisters – Berryz Koubou International

The deadliest weapon in the world is an idol and her charm points. It is your killer instinct which must be harnessed if you expect to survive the wota. Your charm point is only a tool. It is a hard heart that kills. If your killer instincts are not clean and strong you will hesitate at the moment of truth. You will not kill. You will become Friday’d idols. And then you will be in a world of shit. Because idols are not allowed to be Friday’d without permission! Do you maggots understand?

In my personal opinion, this is probably the sexiest I’ve seen most of the H!P Kids since they escaped the clutches of puberty. I’m not a military otaku, but there’s something enticing about an idol in camo hoisting a gun. I especially like the look on Chisato’s face, like she’s ready to pop a cap in somebody’s ass… and has done so many times before.

Today… is Christmas! There will be a magic show at zero-nine-thirty! Chaplain Tsunku will tell you about how the free world will conquer rockism with the aid of God and a few idols! God has a hard-on for idols because we charm everything we see! He plays His games, we play ours! To show our appreciation for so much power, we keep Heaven packed with fresh wota! God was here before the idols! So you can give your heart to Jesus, but your ass belongs to UFA! Do you ladies understand?

Things I want to see happen in this stage play: a My Lai incident where C-ute destroy a Hello! Project Information Village. The rest of Berryz fragging Socko while on patrol. Momoko surviving a POW camp and, many years after the war, getting arrested by police in a small town where wartime flashbacks cause her to kill the officers and hide in the forest, as she continues to wreak havoc on police, the military, and National guard.

And of course, the combat forces of “River” fighting these H!P troops. All of them wearing camo make-up and ONLY camo make-up.

Today you people are no longer maggots. Today you are idols. You’re part of a sisterhood. From now on, until the day you die, wherever you are, every idol is your sister. Most of you will go to Akihabara. Some of you will not come back. But always remember this: idols get Friday’d, that’s what we’re here for! But the idol world lives forever. And that means you live forever!

So yeah, I hope this goes well. But more than that, I hope they post more photos. Lots more.