Happy Disco and the 30 Day Idol Challenge

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I’m so sorry you guys

When I received an application by Serenyty for the IW Summer Refreshment Program, I realized I didn’t recognize her blog, Happy Disco. Having been absent from the wotasphere for most of last year, this wasn’t exactly a surprise – I know there’s bunches of blogs that are still below my radar. However, I was very pleased to see that Happy Disco is a blog that had faltered for a while and was making its way back. To me, the Summer Refreshment Program is as much about bringing back the prodigal bloggers as rewarding the diehards. (And if you haven’t applied yet, please consider doing so! Lots more slots still open.)

Even better, Serenyty’s comeback was being done through something I’d heard about but hadn’t seen in action much: the 30 Day Idol Challenge. If I understand it right, every day you answer a specific question about Japanese pop idols, and Serenyty is using that to provide herself a month’s worth of daily posts. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen this on more blogs – I know Selective Hearing is doing it, but I think it’s on a sticky post that isn’t showing up on the RSS feed.

Anyway, a quick read of Serenyty’s challenge posts up to now was edifying. This is actually a pretty good way to see whether or not you have an affinity with someone else’s fandom, shared likes and dislikes, and I found a few points of similarity. For example, I was very happy to find someone else who doesn’t care all that much about “good” singing and likes how Ishikawa Rika sings! Her stance isn’t as dogmatic as mine – I actually argue that the quality of singing doesn’t really matter at all, but that’s just mostly when I’m trying to be an overly provocative dickhead – but still, I felt like a fist bump was called for.

Going back further, I was again pleased to see a post about how Serenyty doesn’t really like Tsugunaga Momoko much, though she used to in the past. Her reasoning was similar to mine – Momo’s shtick got annoying as she got older – though she was more polite in how she phrased it.

Oh, and today’s post was about Erika Yazawa and her big boobs, which gave me an excuse to choose the featured image you see before you. It was a lot of fun looking for the right image, I should add.

And this made me think about the value of blogging, of using the wotasphere as a way to reach out to like-minded fans. More than that, though, it can also be used for some self-actualization and a deepening of one’s individual fandom. As Serenyty writes in one post before the 30 Day Challenge: “Tbqh my idol fandom isn’t the same when I’m not writing this; I can watch a PV and be like ‘Oh that’s nice’ without analyzing it deeply. But where’s the fun in that?” And yeah, there’s another fist bump I wanna give. if you’re not blogging for yourself first and foremost, then you’re probably not gonna stick with it long.

So all in all, the blog – and the challenge – and next week, the IW Summer Refreshment post from Happy Disco – has all been a very nice way to meet yet another wotasphere neighbor. You should also drop by and say hello, because we’re all about being neighborly around here.

(That is, when we’re not delightfully fisking the shit out of a post we find detestable or preposterous. But our claws have been sheathed as of late, and that’s good, too.)