Itsumo Genki Takes A Three-Part Look At “Only You”

Only You prt1: The Riho Question
Only You prt2: The PV
Only You Prt3: Pic Spam

This is one of those cases where I like the review a whole lot but the actual product being reviewed doesn’t matter as much to me. I haven’t given the new Morning Musume single or PV much of a chance, and based on what Isilie writes there’s nothing that would compel me to make any extra effort. It’s not like they recently broke any records or held an election or dyed ther hair blonde and wore skull T-shirts or anything like that…

However, I did indeed find Isilie’s three part review very engaging. Part of it has to do with the format she chose: three articles for a single video is pretty bold, but it succeeds because she had a particular point to make with each part, and breaking it down in this manner helped assure the reader’s focus on each point. Also, the screencapping was playful, well-chosen, and helped guide the article without overwhelming it.

The first part about Riho, for example, would have probably just gotten a momentary nod from me if this was one long essay, but now I know that the other girls should watch their back when around her.

The second part is a broader assessment of the video, with observations on each of the Musumes. I especially appreciated the idea of Sayumi being the role model that the ninth gen girls could learn from. (That second close-up shot makes her look a lot like Maria Ozawa doesn’t it?)

And the third part is great Just for the picture of Takitty seen here. Really, it’s like she’s having an orgasm while channeling the spirit of Lassie or something. Great stuff.

So yeah, this was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t mind seeing more multi-part reviews when it’s called for, as it may even move me into trying something different that I would’ve passed up otherwise. Though not this time.