Kitahara Sayaka Debuts Full PV And Blog

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Sayaka’s debut PV is just as I expected – Janakya Mottainai
Kitahara Sayaka Yappa Seishun PV – Pure Idol Heart
Kitahara Sayaka Official Ameba Blog Opened – Hello! SayuNii

Milky Way’s third star continues to catch the attention of the wotasphere as the full version of her debut PV is released. Our Blogger of the Month Langdimus Prime singles out his favorite, Personal Best-esque moment from the video, featuring Yossie handling Sayaka. AimxAim has another of her fine-tooth comb reviews that sets my toes all a-tingle: she takes some issue with the lack of diegetic sense with all the sports that Yossie is coaching Sayaka in, but agrees that is the best part of the video. She also gives the video that much-heard description given to H!P videos time and again: “this has to be the cheapest PV in the history of UFA”. Ahh, just give it time, AimxAim – I’m sure there are contenders in the months and years to come.

Hello! SayuNii also has news of Sayaka opening a blog, and the expected greeting to start it off. Hopefully she’ll have a substantive presence, though it’s doubtful she’ll try a full Rino or anything.

The presence of Yossie has meant a lot towards attracting attention to Sayaka’s debut, and in hindsight this seems a no-brainer: why not let the older, more experienced H!P folk(or ex-H!P as the case may be) help out the younger, newer stars, even if it’s only showing up in their videos? The possibilities, as they say, are endless! Ishikawa Rika can have a bubble bath with Manoeri! Iida Kaori can line dance with Kikkawa Yuu! Nakazawa Yuko can give fearsome-bitch lessons to Kanon and Maeda! Let the generations come together in a circle of life!