Nakazawa Yuko On 38 And 48 (AKB, That Is)

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One thing I always liked about Nakazawa Yuko is that she never had a maternal vibe so much as that of the leader of a girl gang. Her attitude has always been very STFU or GTFO, and this was most apparent in the greetings extended to new generations of Musumes when they were first introduced to the group. It became even clearer post-Musume, as her disdain for the group always simmered even as she continuednto do them proud.

The quotes given in these recent articles are actually pretty boilerplate – standard upbeat statements meant to play nice and get along. But we then remember it’s Yuko, who IS in an unusual position as an active middle-aged idol, who IS a spiritual leader of Hello! Project even to this day. This is the same Yuko that glowered when that stupid reporter asked that horrible question to Iida-san about her child. As a result, the statements take on added nuances which make them far more interesting. What we see here is a survivor and fighter and someone you don’t fuck around with. AKB certainly has the edge in sales and visibility, but this is still the leader of the actual line-up behind “Love Machine” when it was huge – and is still fondly loved today. What she says matters in a way that Acchan and Oshima, God bless ’em, may never reach.

And as tough as the AKB girls made themselves look in Majisuka Gakuen, if there ever was a true girl gang fight between the AKB and H!P idols, my money would be on H!P… as long as Yuko was in charge. She’d have no problem sacrificing the weak – what the heck, I think she’d get a certain sick amusement from getting rid of dead ballast like Hagitty and Aika. I also think she’d reward the true hardasses, like Kanon and Momoko, by making them her lieutenants and letting them carry firearms. And in the end, she’d be hlding Acchan’s severed head and cackling the way she too-rarely does.

And on that fanficky note, lemme just wish Yuko a happy thirty-eighth birthday and many more as a thriving, super-hawt idol. She’s earned the love and loyalty of wota, and that’s something no one can take away from her.

And if you try, she’ll probably slice you.