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Recommended Reading – June 24th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

GP Basic reveals teaser for “Jelly Pop” – allkpop
Oh my God! Oh my God! I can’t believe this! This is so cool! I can’t motherfucking wait for this! Wooooooo-hoooooooo!!!!

The situation with Daesung & Big Bang’s future activities – allkpop
It’s looking like Big Bang’s activities will remain intact, but Daesung’s solo activities will naturally be re-assessed.

Listen to radio-rip of “NAKED” – Namie News Network
It’s a LITTLE too busy for my taste, but I’m old and decrepit and I like it anyways.

Kusumi Koharu Will Appear In The Fashion Magazine CanCam – Hello! SayuNii
A very proud milestone in the lil crackhead’s career. Hopefully she’ll be a regular in the magazine’s pages very soon.

Sayashi Riho 1st Solo DVD Announced – Hello! SayuNii
She asked, “Who do I have to kill to get a solo DVD already?” They told her who and she took care of it.

Japanese GQ analyzes the reasons behind the SNSD craze – allkpop
Can “Sooyoung is hawt” really be extended into a full-length article? Because that’s all you’d need.

Yasai Sisters 2011 – MELOS no Michi
Loved the comment about the costumes.

Zutto. – Gold Hikari
Die likes the B-side of this Aoyama Thelma single better than the lead wedding ballad, but who can blame him? Wedding ballads – yuck.

Maeda Atsuko’s [Flower] 1st day sales + Review – MELOS no Michi
Apparently, Acchan made a strong showing for herself!

X Japan’s “Jade” pv… feels longer than it is – jrocknyc
Go’s disappointment is the world’s disappointment.

Kis-My-Ft2 major debut single to get simultaneous release in 8 countries – Tokyograph
Yes, whenever I think of Johnny’s, multi-penetration always comes to mind. I mean, multi-penetration of MARKETS. Markets.

Perfume Takes Hollywood at Cars 2 Red Carpet Premiere – Perfume City
Some very cool photos of the Perfume idols, apparently taken by fans who were there!

Hana Kimi 2011 Just Got Better – New School Kaidan
The addition of AKB’s longcat to the cast has made Dae a happy man.

Rediscovery: H!P Summer 2006 Wonderful Hearts Land Concert – Madara Blog
Lots of love for Megukami here, and while it’s late to the party, I still like to hear the celebratin’.

Final Preparations for AM2 – Selective Hearing
Greg is asking for help in preparing interview questions for the big event.

After School will split into two groups to promote simultaneously next month – Koreaboo
So they have generations and graduations, covered “Love Machine”, and now… what? After School Sakura Gumi and After School Otome Gumi?

Clip of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Those hips are ridiculously hypnotizing. I almost forgot to fap.

[translation] MM “Only You” hotexpress article (full) – Chuu! Sugoi! Idol
The best part here is when Sayumi says she thought Riho hated the other girls. Perhaps the spirit of Yuko will live on with ninth gen!

Panties are useless here – aramatheydidnt
The news of a new Kimutaku book is big. That shot of him in the shorts? Bigger.

Covers and tracklist for Nana Tanimura’s first album/best album – aramatheydidnt
I always think of two things when Tanimura comes to mind, and thankfully both were on healthy display on the album covers.