Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – June 8, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Dorothy Little Happy`s Operation Happy – Pure Idol Heart
The group will now start hosting a new Ustream show.

PEACEFUL「START!!」PV(short Ver.).mov – YouTube
The debut of RunTime’s new idol group! (Thanks to @jogii!)

dir en grey’s new single teaser (“different sense”) – jrocknyc
A vicious one-sentence Jrock put-down from the king of one-sentence Jrock put-downs.

dream fighter (mun-fei remix) – Tin Tee Treehouse
IW Legend Wu-san muses on Perfume and shares a remix.

Arihara Kanna – “Ano Toki” DVD Covers Released – Hello! SayuNii
Miss True Life Seek is looking mighty hot here.

Momoiro Clover ~ YS Web Vol.402 – Jappydolls
A photoshoot from back when they were six – includes some “1st Xmas” styled pseudo-nudes.

Michishige Sayumi – HelloPro! Time episode 6 subbed segment – Morningtime
Sayu is the filthiest chef since Raekwon.

AKB48 – Koko ni Ita Koto – Channel Ai
A generally favorable track by track review, with Mayuyu getting the worst of it.