Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – June 9, 2011

Ray’s Picks

[IV]Ai Amano ~ Nudie Limit – Jappydolls
I like Ai Amano’s work, but I must say I LOVE the title. Who even uses the word “nudie” any more? It’s genius!

KARA reveals CF for LG – NTT Docomo’s ‘Optimus Bright’ phone!
Goo Hara is taking those shorts to the limit!

Acchan’s PV has yet to bloom
The returning AKB queen’s new PV takes her fictional family to the limit! (Also, it does look like she’s a daughter and sister, not wife and mother.)

Ogawa Makoto Casted In Stage Play Titled “Black Camellia ~ Japanese Vampire~”
For those who said Makoto sucks or bites, I guess she agreed.

Big Bang – Big Bang 2
Greg has several new reviews out, includng this one about everyone’s favorite Kpop metrosexuals.

maiZe’s Picks

Angela Aki – Hajimari No Ballad/I Have A Dream – Kurayami Monogatari
Angela Aki has a new single? … I must have missed the memo. But after a foray into the land of guitars on her previous single, Angela has returned to the piano.