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Recommended Reading – June 2, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Fujimoto Miki- Promoting Scalp-D Shampoo – Hello! SayuNii
Mikitty knows the end of an idol’s career is either AV or becoming a corporate shill; sadly, she chose the wrong path.

Takahashi Ai To Open Her Official Ameba Shop – Hello! SayuNii
In Takitty’s case, she definitely chose the right path.

Official Hangry & Angry Youtube Channel Opened – Hello! SayuNii
Now, let’s see if Yossie and Rika start posting feminine hygiene product CMs or home vids of them making out…

Korean actress Jung Si Yeon to debut in Japanese girl group, SDN48 – allkpop
We know what path the idols in this group are headed en masse…

SBS to edit out Big Bang’s Daesung on upcoming episode of “Night by Night” – allkpop
By YG’s request, out of respect for what’s going on.