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Recommended Reading – June 26th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Mariko-sama for ABC Mart – aramatheydidnt
So, little lady, how much will a reverse cowgirl set me back?

[Lyrics and Translation] Dorothy Little Happy – Jump! – Pure Idol Heart
More DLH love from Ryo, so you can sing along with the girls.

“Wonder Woman” Live @ VMAJ 2011 – Namie News Network
A flawed performance, but stll worth watching!

GACKT shows all who’s boss with BUNRAKU clip and PARANOID DOLL – aramatheydidnt
Gackt’s movie is getting a screening at AM2.

Kame mentions Leader Ohno on Secret Conversations! – aramatheydidnt
This is like a real life yaoi fanfic story happening behind the scenes. The part where Kame calls himself Ohno’s “girlfriend” gave me a queer chubby.

Hey! Say! JUMP don’t go overboard enough – Janakya Mottainai
Speaking of which… AimxAim shows an obvious bias for Ryosuke. You won’t hear me complaining about that.

NMB48 2nd Generation Profiles – MELOS no Michi
If I had the time – and I don’t – I can see myself flipping out over Tanigawa Airi.

Perfume Headline New Kirin Ad, Launch English Site – Perfume City
A big development for the trio – perhaps another step forward to a U.S. performance?

Soft opening of the AKB48 Official Cafe Singapore – MELOS no Michi
So does world domination officially begin with the ribbon-cutting? Lots and lots of really nifty photos showing what the place looks like!

After School’s first showcase in Japan sold out within a minute – Koreaboo
A very good omen for my favorite non-pedolicious Kpop group.

Former Chemical Picture Jimi Talks Visual Kei – Cliffbuzz
Cliff gives us a peek at an interview with VK rocker and former Chemical Pictures member Jimi.

Zush muses on how much Berryz have developed over the years.

TBS music show “Ongaku no Hi” to set record at almost 8 hours long – Tokyograph
For idol fans, AKB48, KARA, and Dream Morning Musume are among the guests!