Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – June 30th, 2011

maiZe’s Picks

Aiba Masaki hospitalized – Never Ending Music Power
Arashi’s Aiba Masaki hospitalized for collapsed lung – Tokyograph
It looks like Aiba will be hospitalized for a week, but at least this time he won’t require surgery. Get well soon Aiba!

This is why I love Takahashi Ai – ♥May-Lyn’s Hot Spot♥
While there seems to be little love lost between my IW colleagues and Takahashi Ai, I love her. And if you love her too, I think you’ll enjoy this clip even if you’ve seen it before.

Ray’s Picks

Nogizaka46 to get a variety show starting October – MELOS no Michi
Considering the nature of the show, the whole “Fuck You AKB48” vibe just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Playboy requests GD&TOP to change logo + new logo revealed! – allkpop
Are they trying to tell us something? GD hearts TOP? Really, can they make it ANY more obvious? (Besides one of them being named TOP, that is.)

The Wonder Girls appear in U.S. fashion magazine, Nylon! – allkpop
If it’s not Sohee in Barely Legal, I’m not sure if I really care.

BiS- Nerve PV – Neaux Clicked on It
I’m at a loss for words here. Just watch it.

Rehearsal photos for musical “Jack The Ripper” featuring Super Junior’s Sungmin released – Koreaboo
“You’re a naughty one, saucy Jack / you’re a haughty one, saucy Jack!” And will the speakers be set to eleven?

Dorothy Little Happy – Mission Happiness 29 June 2011 – Pure Idol Heart
Ryo finally gets to watch the show and shares a detailed recap.

Lady Gaga tweets a photo with SMAP + appears on Sukkiri!! – aramatheydidnt
I can’t even reduce this to initials. Seriously – What The Fuck is this?

H!P Releases June 29 – Hello! SayuNii
A useful combination of shopping guide and fan review for the latest Hello! Project products.

Canary Club down to 4 members, still looking flawless. – aramatheydidnt
At least they’re still around, right?

SPOTLIGHT: CSJH The Grace, SM Entertainment’s Female TVXQ – Koreaboo
For those of you who need reminding of this excellent Kpop girl group.

Just a Reminder – New School Kaidan
And if you see Atron, give him a big kiss on the mouth and tell him Intl Wota sent ya!

The black haired girls are no longer extinct! – Janakya Mottainai
AimxAim is loving the way the Japan culture theme is played out in this PV.

PASSPO☆ to air their JAPAN EXPO talk & concert on Nico Nico! YAY!! – aramatheydidnt
The sexy lingerie pillow fight in their hotel rooms afterwards, however, will remain off-camera.

Every day we’re schaffeling: What Girls Generation are doing right – The Japan Times Online
A very interesting look at SNSD and what they have to offer Japanese audiences.

SPEED unveil covers & flawless concept for new single – aramatheydidnt
Wow, they look great here! Emphasizing the playfulness instead of the maturity was a great idea.