Wota (in training) Has Practical Guide To Tokyo

Mina’s Little Adventure: Tokyo Day 1/2 (Akihabara)

Up to now, my main experience with the Wota (in training) blog has been Todd and his wonderful posts about a proletarian ideal for the idol industry. Now there’s a new major post from another of the contributors, and it is just as enjoyable and informative.

Mina is in Japan and has decided to visit Tokyo. She recounts her adventures in this blog post, and along the way provides helpful tips she learned for others who also intend to make the voyage. What I absolutely love is how Mina integrates her narrative sections with the advice she gives. Something happens to her or she has a particular goal, she describes it in personal detail, then she takes a step back and offers the lesson she learned so that others can benefit.

Some of the advice is common sense (asking for help from people who work at public services like the train stations), others are familiar to long-time wota (the Book Offs in America have received much love in the wotasphere), but that doesn’t detract from the reading experience for a couple of reasons. First, because it IS part of a larger narrative, the advice is seamless and simply makes the story aspects more memorable. Second, it never hurts to be reminded of the obvious things when traveling – too often, people tend to be disoriented and need to remember the basics.

Even if you don’t have any plans to visit the wota motherland any time soon, this is a fun and exciting peek at someone else’s experience, a travelogue in the spirit of Chuo Dori and others who’ve made the pilgrimage. Mina, like CK, is an AKB wota, and so that informs the visit to Akihabara a great deal. The photos are a great deal of fun, especially a polaroid with Mina’s server at a maid cafe, and apparently Mina is as much under the sway of Mayuyu as Todd is.

Hopefully, Mina will continue with more stories from her current trip – and more tips. After all, I get a feeling that her adventures have only started.