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AimxAim’s Top Ten Posts of Janakya Mottainai

It was actually pretty difficult for me to pick my ten favorite posts. Perhaps it’s because of my slight inferiority complex, but it’s mostly because over the nearly 3 years I’ve been blogging my wirtting has drastically changed. I’ve gone from someone who was 16 years old writting short posts for fun, to being 19 years old and trying to make posts that are a little more meaningful. I think over the last 3 years Jankaya Mottainai, and myself, have matured a lot. Most of my posts on Janakya Mottainai are PV reviews. But I’ve tried not to include those types of posts in this countdown.

1. The stigma of being a fan

Obviously my “The stigma of being a fan” posts is one of my favorite posts. I think it’s one of the most personal posts I have ever written on Janakya Mottainai. Even though I am a dedicated idol fan there are still times when I wonder if all of it is worth the trouble.

2. Ai’s Super Cargo

The next post would be, “Ai’s Super Cargo” This post isn’t really that long, and it’s even exceptionally written. But it remains one of my favorite posts because it was basically where I got to vent about Kago Ai’s new career direction. It was basically me letting go of the cute Aibon image that Hello!Project created for her, and accepting that she was a different person now and would never be Aibon again.

3. Goodbye would never be enough Koharu

I like the next post “Goodbye would never be enough Koharu” for nostalgia more that anything. Kusumi Koharu was the sole reason I got into Hello!Project. And in turn the sole reason I like idol music, and I created this blog. I owe a lot to Koha. And it was a completely dark and depressing time for me when she left.

4. I’m incredibly skeptic that Jin is debuting in the US at all!

I like to think I take idol culture, or fandom, or whatever you want to call it, pretty seriously. And because of that I like to overthink and analyze practically every aspect of everything. And that’s where the next post “I’m incredibly skeptic that Jin is debuting in the US at all!” comes in. Obviously from the title, I couldn’t have been more off. But I like this post for the simple fact that I dissect everything going on with Jin after he left KAT-TUN. Which in retrospect, makes for a post that might be just a tad overzealous, but is still incredibly fun to read.

5. High standards or fan biases: Are Morning Musume PVs really that bad?

First and foremost, I am a Hello!Project fan. I’ve liked this agency the longest, I know nearly everything about it music wise and member wise. It would be absolutely impossible for me to like another idol agency as much as I love H!P. And recently that has become an unpopular opinion. Which is where the “High standards or fan biases: Are Morning Musume PVs really that bad?” post came from. It’s basically me defending H!P, which has become somewhat of a natural instinct for me. The post is just basically how I feel that idol fans judge anything H!P does unnecessarily harshly, while other idol groups are doing basically the same thing.

6. AKB48 according to me

Another post that I like is “AKB48 according to me.” It’s one of those posts on JM that I do for fun, and aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Since JM is more of an idol news blog, I don’t make unserious posts as often as other bloggers, or as often as I’d like to.

7. Best Singles of 2010

Another one of my favorite posts is “Best Singles of 2010.” In honor of the new year I decided to rank the previous year. And I did so in 3 categories: Best Singles of 2010, Worst singles of 2010, and Best album songs of 2010. This post is one of my favorites because it’s one of the posts where I had fun writing it. And it’s a yearly event I want to keep doing on Janakya Mottainai.

8. Would global 48 groups even work?

After hearing that Aki-P was going to make Taiwan48, and wanted to expand the 48 groups franchise even further than that, I felt inspired to write “Would global 48 groups even work?” This post is just my opinion on how the AKB48 franchise would work globally, and how they could culturally formfit it to become a global phenomenon. With the proper marketing of course. But let’s just think of Eguchi Aimi for a moment. Aki-P could do it. This post is also filled with my personal accounts of Japanese music fans.

9. 10 year olds in Momusu is exactly what they need

Here’s another post where I completely overanalyze a situation. “10 year olds in Momusu is exactly what they need” is a post venting that it’s only logical for Morning Musume add young members. And I also end up praising Tsunku, which is not something you see too often.

10. Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011

And finally my last favorite post is, “Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011.” This is actually my 3rd Johnny’s Countdown since becoming a fan, but it’s the first time I have ever posted about it. Even though my review of the Johnny’s Countdown concert is written in the style of my PV reviews, I still consider this post one of my favorites. Not only because I had fun writing the post, but because the Johnny’s Countdown is one of those idol events that makes me excited to be a fan. I get pretty excited for it ever year, to the degree that it wouldn’t feel like the New Year if I didn’t watch the concert.