Are GP Basic Coming To America?

GP Basic considers studying and debuting abroad in America – allkpop

There’s a great scene in the film Animal House where a co-ed dressed as a Playboy Bunny is sent flying though the air and just happens to land in the room of a young boy who happens to be reading Hef’s magazine. The boy looks up to the sky and says, “Thank you, God!” When I read this news, that’s the very first thing I thought about.

The second thing I thought was that I need to borrow Langdimus’ bottle of chloroform.

All kidding aside, this is a rather unexpected announcement for GP Basic’s management to make… but in a weird way, it makes sense. If anything, it tooks the conjectures I made about the fallout on Korea legislating against underage idol sexuality and took it a big step further. Like, across the Pacific further. Of course, this may not speak well of America’s own attitudes towards underage sexuality – but Courtney Stodden’s marriage probably doesn’t either.

What makes this stand out somewhat – training in America isn’t all THAT unusual for Kpop and Jpop idols, after all – is the age of these girls. One can’t help but imagine them attending some Beverly Hills or Upper East Side Manhattan middle school, since they’re still legally required to continue their education. Chances are, though, that they’ll continue with personal tutors while pursuing their dancing / singing regimen as the center of their activities. But would their parents even agree to this? (Well, they did agree to bleaching their daughters’ hair…)

The last intriguing aspect of this news flash is the reason given for coming to Amwerica: that the overseas reaction to GP Basic has been very favorable, especially in their Japanese performances and on the internet. So it’s the wota who’re responsible for this, not the netizens. And now the mountain is going to Mohammed, so to speak, with the tantalizing possibility of the girls learning to perform in Japanese as well as English. But do they really think some polishing up in the States can make Janey and company the next Wonder Girls? Well, I know I’ll be rooting for them.

Hopefully, more news will follow soon.