Conflict Productions Finds Refreshment Despite Itself

Refreshing Summer

Reading Siggy’s entry in the Summer Refreshment Program was particularly interesting for me, in that he’s just agreed to be an IW Curator a few days ago but I still didn’t know much about him. I don’t even know if he got the Girl Scout uniform and Polaroid camera I sent him. (Standard for all new members of IW: take Polaroids of yourself in the Girls Scout uniform, then mail them to me. All wota metablogs do this. Trust me.) So this wound up being a way to know the type of person I’d be associating with.

And we have a lot in common. We both live in places that are near beaches – and yet we both hate the beach. We both are familiar with Atlantic City, though I’m admittedly one of those damned tourists. (I don’t gamble very much at all, but I love AC’s boardwalk.) We both live with people who just love to have their picture taken at every opportunity: where mine is a toddler daughter, Siggy’s is a college roommate.

And we both love shaved ice. Which is the delicious refreshment on display this time – apparently, Siggy was generous enough to treat his roommate as well as himself with the IW funds – and if this doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will.

Oh, and there’s the eyecandy. Truth be known, all these things he’s telling us about himself are just a feeble pretense to share as much Hello! Project eyecandy as he can possibly cram into one post. So you’re reading and going, “Mm-hm, Siggy, you’re hydrophobic and lactose intolerant and… Oooohhhh, Yurina…. And you were bitten by a radioactive spider and you like to put a lot of crap in your shaved ice and… Oh baby, look at Airi!”

So yeah, if you don’t really remember anything about Siggy after reading this, that’s cause he’s playing a slick sleight-of-hand on you. And then! Just when he gets to the shaved ice, he pops a surprise and it’s like, “Mm-hm, okay, that’s an interesting theory, sure we like punishing the naughty idols, and… Hey, is it cold in here? Why are my nipples hardening?”

It’s like weird John Constantine-styled bullshit magic, and then before we know it it’s over, but not without one last shot that’ll make you say what many others have said to Siggy.

So all in all, this was a great summer post – fun and personal and filled with mindless pleasurea of the finest sort. I encourage you to look it over and maybe drop Siggy a line or something.

And again, I encourage any blogger reading this to apply for the Summer Refreshment Program! I currently don’t have anyone lined up from here till the end of August, so if you have an idea, any idea, and want IW to foot the bill on a tasty treat or two, read the article on the program and drop us a line!

Oh, and Siggy? Send those Polaroids ASAP. I have a special place for them, between the ones of Brian and Wu-san. If you don’t wanna do it, have your roommate take pics of himself. I’m not picky.