Happy Disco Looks At Tokyo Idol Festival 2011

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Part 1
Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Part 2

The blogging ambitions of Serenyty has grown considerably. Not only is she tackling the 30 Day Idol Challenge, she has also decided to do brief profiles of all the acts that will be performing in this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival! These first two posts cover nine groups, so that means she probably has four or five more posts to get through all thirty-one.

As much as I like the 30 Day Idol Challenge and appreciate her participation in the Intl Wota Summer Refreshment Program, this feels like the most useful series so far. After all, what we’re going to end up with is quick and easy access to over two dozen idol acts which many of us probably haven’t even heard of. Pure Idol Heart does the same thing with their profiles, but any attempt in the wotasphere to expand these horizons should be greeted with much fanfare and encouragement.

I watched bits and pieces of last year’s show and it was both breathtaking and strangely edifying. Watching live performances of a couple of groups I already knew helped me to appreciate them better – Tokyo Girls’ Style and Momoiro Clover and Super Girls – while I also got a taste of such groups as Nakano Fujoshi Sisters (and their drag king act) and YGA. I won’t say it washed away all the cynicism I felt about the idol industry – while there isn’t as much money, the same impulses drive these indie idols as the majors – but it certainly made me better appreciate how hard the climb to the top can be, and be thankful for the efforts of those still making that climb.

So read these articles, comment about the ones you like at Happy Disco, and encourage Serenyty so she can see this project through! And one last thing: watch the “Mr. Socrates” PV (featured in the second post), as it is one of the greatest idol PVs EVER. You must watch it, and watch it again. And again. Even if it’s historically inaccurate, since we all know Socrates liked porking little boys, not little girls.