Hello! SayuNii Reports On Third Round Of S/mileage Auditions


S/mileage Audition 3rd Round Live Stream Report

I have to say that I’m especially appreciative of Hello! SayuNii for having such detailed reports of the audition process as it happens. I don’t have the time – or quite frankly, enough concern – to watch everything that is being done, but I still care about the overall results since this is a very big step for what may well be the H!P unit that will surpass Morning Musume in popular favor.

And again, the immediacy and seeming transparency of streaming these auditions is a smart move – it DOES create a sense of urgency in fans, makes them feel more involved like they have a larger stake in the process. The response seems pretty favorable so far – eight thousand plus may not seem much in the bigger scheme of the idol industry, but there are many idol groups out there who’d kill for that many viewers and it’s a solid hardcore fan base that one can build from. [CORRECTION: There were actually almost 29,000 viewers by the end of the audition, not eight thousand.]

And from these reports of the final dozen auditionees, I’ve found my own favorite to root for!

Miyamoto Karin – apparently an Egg (how come no one ever told me about her?), and one who was born while I was still in grad school – was the one who caught my eye. Quite frankly, my criteria was very simple: which one of these girls would I most like to see in a bikini photobook? Bingo. From there, I was kinda relieved to see how well she could dance, and was rooting for her as I watched her sing. If she didn’t do these other things well? I’d still have wanted her in S/mileage anyways. It’s not like Hello! Project has a history of choosing ONLY (or sometimes, ANY) of the most truly talented girls in an audition line-up, right? And her odds were still a dozen to one, sort of.

But yeah, she’d look just as good in a two-piece as in one of those school-type blue one-pieces, right? Someone should line a photobook for her now, even if she doesn’t make it.

And from what I gather, this audition could also count towards Morning Musume? What the heck, then – make her the replacement for Takitty! Kick out the old and tired, ring in the new hawtness! At least she’s an Egg. Even if she doesn’t make the cut, she’ll still be around in some capacity, doing back-up dancing and fluffing Momoko backstage and so on.

So, who are you rooting for, now that we’re down to a bare handful?

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