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“How Exactly I Want To Boink Rika Ishikawa”: Blogger of the Month Langdimus Prime Shares A Poem

[Earlier this year I was planning to relaunch the themed group blog Pleasure Principled, but it never got off the ground. However, I did get several top-notch bloggers to stretch their wings a little and contribute articles to this hypothetical PP 2.0, including this lovely example of poetry from outgoing Blogger of the Month Langdimus Prime. (IW curator Murr and the infinitely talented Ladybird also wrote gems that I need to share at some point.) So without further ado, here is “How Exactly I Want To Boink Rika Ishikawa”.]

Anticipation on high
Its like I’ve been waiting a life time
Finally got you alone
Just you and me without distractions
No need for music
Our voices are the soundtrack tonight
Your body’s glistening
My pulse is starting to race
You say you’re ready
And I’ve been waiting a lifetime
Now take your fat ass Rika, time sit on my face