Janakya Mottainai Commits To AAA


My love-hate relationship with AAA

So we were just blogging yesterday about the importance of educating yourself about idols and how a personal commitment is needed before anything else can happen. Here, our Blogger of the Month delivers – well, she calls it a rant, but it feels more like a benign ramble with an edge or two to it – on how she decided to commit to two different groups, the much-beloved girl group Hinoi Team and the tumultuous co-ed idol group AAA.

The Hinochi part of her story actually intrigued me much more, not the least because of her unusual reason for latching onto them, and I hope she returns to discussing it in greater detail someday. I loved Hinoi Team a great deal – “King Kong” was one of my favorite PVs of that time – and they have a very interesting history, built around a solo performer Hinoi Asuka and quickly adopting a mentally deficient fat man in a diaper for their mascot (Koriki, a comedian / pro wrestler). That said, AimxAim does dive deep – and vents wonderfully – about how the team was broken up without any real admission from Avex that they did so. It was just bizarre. I’d like to know what she thought when Asuka released her solo work, though, as well as her opinions on the different release of Hinochi over the course of the group’s career.

This isn’t to give the AAA portion of the essay short shrift, though, because it’s just as interesting – I’m just not as much of a fan, personally. AimxAim has a very long, very involved history with trying to like the group, and is quite candid about the biases she has against them. The part about being into Jrock and how that influenced her is positively fascinating, and again worth further exploration. And some of those biases are quite surprising: does she really think there aren’t any truly attractive members in the group? Not even Misako or Nissy or, oh I forget her name, the whore who got the boot?

If anything, what I find most compelling about AimxAim’s story – aside from the candor and the very sense of underlying frustration at how AAA hadn’t lived up to her expectations like she wanted – is how Aim is really working to like the group. She’s clearly struggling, but remains unwavering in wanting to make her AAA fandom substantial, and in turn to blog more about the group. It’s both noble and unusual, like a shotgun wedding between wota and idol group in order to do right by them.

After all, for most wota, if you don’t like a group but believe you should, you’ll maybe pay a little lip service but otherwise ignore them. (I’m like that with Buono! still, always insisting I need to give them a real chance but never making the time.) Because this is a fan community, our preferences seem to hinge on whims of personal taste, not on making a firm commitment and then trying to do good by that commitment, no matter how difficult learning to like the music and idols can be. If we don’t like them in the first place, then we just usually move on – plenty of fish in the idol sea, after all. (Especially now in the midst of an idol boom.)

So this is a great ramble and a fun essay, but more important it’s a launching point for so much more! I hope AimXAim follows up accordingly – and based on what she says, I KNOW she will.

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