My Eyes And Ears Have Just Been Other-Dimensionally Tentacle-Raped By Kyary – And I Like It!

stop with what youre doing the queen of 2011 has arrived with her first pv!!! – amaratheydidnt

I’d heard about Kyary a couple times before, but didn’t really care. Not my cup of tea, not into the fashion scene. That said, the title of this arama post was irresistible and when I actually saw what was being talked about…

Well. Look at the title of this post.

This video is just… words cannot describe the way it makes me feel. And that’s not a good or bad thing, it’s just a… thing. The best way to describe the video is as a fever-dream mind-vomit – it’s postmodernity as a sharpened weapon, alluding to anything and everything in order to signify nothing. Having said that, there are some interesting allusions – I got a taste of Frank Kozik for some reason, and there’s a real obvious nod to Salvador Dali (the part with the clock and the mustache), so at least it knows its dada / surrealist roots.

One commenter on arama wrote, “I’d imagine this is the kind of thing most people envision when I first tell them I like Japanese music.” That struck home in a huge way. Does this add to the whole LOL Japan thing? Does it give the wrong impression of what Japanese music and pop culture is about? Considering it IS a product of Japanese pop culture, is that even possible? And should we really care, if this is something we like? Because the more I watch and listen, the more this feels so RIGHT to me. Not GP Basic Amet Right, but it speaks to a part of me that I don’t really pay much attention to, and the song is catchy as hell, and dayglo eyeballs now haunt me in a good way.

This song is getting a worldwide iTunes release on July 20 – apparently they think this is going to be huge and Kyary will jettison herself to the front of the J-music scene. They may be right: I’ll be counting down the days and snapping it up when it shows.