Pink Wota Tears The Western Media A New Asshole


▲ :: Vee :: Aimi, Myself & I

I don’t like seeing Vee upset. I consider her a good friend and hate it when she’s mad at something or somebody.


When that anger is incited by some stupidity in our wotasphere – or at least having to do with our wotasphere – then I must admit I get a little tingly up and down my spine. Because if you get Vee riled up enough about idols and the idol world, she delivers some of the finest, most devastating rants I have ever witnessed. She knows how to lay down her argument (LIKE A BOSS), as well as how to properly deploy sarcasm and humor and even some self-deprecation to win us over rhetorically. I may not always agree with her – or even know what she’s pissed about – but her rants always leave me cheering and wanting more at the end.

And so we come to her latest video blog entry, devoted to Eguchi Aimi and the reaction of the Western media to what they see as another example of “LOL Japan”. I wish more names were named and more precise examples given, but any longtime overseas wota knows the drill here and is probably as sick of it as Vee is. Myself, I’ve learned to shrug off this kind of stupidity – I guess a lifetime of “Bam! Pow! Comics Aren’t For Kids Anymore” bullshit has better inoculated me from the mainstram media’s usual displays of ignorance about any kind of geek culture.

Luckily, Vee is a lot less quiescent than me, and… Well, I don’t wanna spoil it. Go clickety click on the link and watch it if you haven’t already. Watch it once to be entertained and to laugh (I especially love the intermission music); then watch it a second time to feel your own sense of self-righteous anger kick in as the depth of Vee’s argument settles into you. Unless you’re getting a deep-throated hummer from Mayuyu, it’ll be the best twelve minutes you’ll be spending tonight.

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