Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – July 25th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Kagrra’s Isshi Passed Away on July 18 – Cliffbuzz
Another sad death in the Jrock world.

The Tangled Web of Confusion – Life Without Morning Musume Part 2 – Selective Hearing
Greg directly addresses the branding issue raised yesterday, and stands his ground. Fistbump!!!

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #7 – Pure Idol Heart
This time around Gaki looks at QunQun, LINQ, CQC`s!, Rev. From DVL, Seishun joshi gakuen, and IDA.

“Maru Maru Mori Mori” Full PV – aramatheydidnt
Haruna loves to mimic the dance moves, so I was already won over anyways.

Nakajima Saki – “W Saki” Making Of DVD Announced – Hello! SayuNii
One sign of the growing success of this photobook…

Nakajima Saki W Saki photobook making-of subbed – Morningtime
… And another, less obvious, sign of Nakky’s growing favor.

DiVA’s CRY PV – SaeYaka Paradise
Lots of fangirling and screencaps, as to be expected – but hey, that’s what you tune in for.

Chemistry New PV’s with Otakon schedule – aramatheydidnt
Getting fans worked up before the duo hit Otakon.

V6’s covers for new single – aramatheydidnt
Who wouldn’t want to wrap their lips around all of V6?

SNSD’s Taeyeon and Tiffany record a duet – Koreaboo
“Lady Marmalade”? It actually sounds pretty good. But is the tempo slowed down?

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 25 – Happy Disco
Serenyty takes a tentative step into the world of Kpop and picks a real winner.

YODC is 6 BITCHES!! – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Langdimus digs up former YODCers to see what they’re up to. Wonton’s lessons in women apparently paid off..

Brian’s Picks

Sayashi Riho’s 1st PB Titled “Sayashi Riho” – Hello!SayuNii
Naming a photobook after yourself is like using your name as the title of your autobiography.

S/mileage – Cool For The Summer – Hello! Project Feet
You know socks actually absorb moisture of the feet and are supposed to cool them down… But you have to change them every so often.

[PBSpam! Part VIII] Can’t forget those lips! – Love’s Spell
A photo spam of Nakajima Saki’s first photobook.

creephyp- “ウワノソラ” PV – SparkPlugged
It’s loud, but it could be louder…

[kpop/musings] brief thoughts on Japanese BoA, her duet with Daichi Miura – the innocent lam
In between the videos of BoA and Daichi, there is a brief swipe at the difference in treatment of Korean idols whether they are in Korea or Japan. I’d like to see this expanded.

My H!P Right Now 1 – Hanakotoba
From old singles to Yajima Maimi’s newest DVD, MTSayuRin’s latest thoughts on H!P. I think Reina is only piling on to the wink controversy that we’ve been having…