Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – July 18th, 2011

Siggy’s Picks

S/mileage – “Uchoten LOVE” PV Released – Hello! SayuNii
Presumably the last 4nin S/mileage PV is a hodge podge of school and glittery silliness. Perfect.

Filled with ecstasy over S/mileage – Janakya Mottainai
Not only are H!P videos low budget but they have no fresh ideas!

Mariko Shinoda to appear in new comedy film – MELOS no Michi
While H!P girls continue to do horror, Shinoda jumps from primetime to comedy time.

Rumours of break-up between television dramas and Johnny’s?? – aramatheydidnt
I think they need to start starring some more female idols, I hear Takahashi Ai will be free in the winter.

Murr’s Picks

Sakai Noriko (酒井法子) Yume Bouken Album – OLDIES BUT GOODIES
Before drugs ravaged her life. D:

Ray’s Picks

[IV] Momoko Tani ~ Setsuna no Koibito – Jappydolls
Momoko, oh Momoko! Guaranteed hawtness right here.

Itano Tomomi’s [Fuini] – 1st Day Sales + Review – MELOS no Michi
She beat DiVA’s debut by a fair margin, but not a thorough pummeling or anything.

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #4 – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki shares more wonderful indie idols with us.

After School’s Japanese showcase attracts 3,000 people; Kahi in tears – Koreaboo
Kahi then proceeded to cry over response to AS Red, fans who cheered on the streets, the tastiness of her sandwich, the warmth of the summer day…

Kago Ai covers Shoujo Jidai Taeyeon’s solo song, “Can You Hear Me…?” – aramatheydidnt
It’s still wonderful to hear Kago sing.

We have a winner! – KAKKO-II.COM
The results are interesting, the bikini shots are mandatory viewing.

Yukirin Celebrates Her 20th Birthday On Hana no Kimi Set – IXA Ready
So where do we send the congratulatory bottles of Boone’s Strawberry Hill?

Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku ain’t afraid of no ghosts – Neaux Clicked On It
The last minute and a half of this video may have just made me a fan of this idol group!

What did Depraved Oppas do to Girls’ Generation? Part 3 – The Grand Narrative
James’ translation of this academic essay continues, and sets up for some interesting ideas in part four.

AKB48 Kenkyuusei Janken Preliminary Round Result – IXA Ready
For some of them, this may be the absolute highlight of their idol careers.

THIS IS SUPER CUTE!!!– Hello! Island
Perfume playing along is great. EXILE playing along and looking SOOOOO lost is even better.