Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – July 31st, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Perfume Leading Japanese Cars 2 Promotions – Perfume City
Kashiyuka has now taken to uploading Youtube videos in which she wears a Tow Mater cardboard mask.

Grab the Look: After School’s Jungah from ‘In The Night Sky’ – allkpop
All I really want is Nana’s Native American headdress. And, um, Nana herself.

Mina’s Favorite Idoling!!! Member – Wota (in training)
Suzuka Morita is an excellent default Idoling!!! idol to choose, I would say.

3 AKB48 Members To Promote Heart Bras – IXA Ready
Which three idols will promote these products? I’m betting Eguchi, Nachu, and Aki-P himself.

‘Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo’: Best Debut Yet? – New School Kaidan
Dae Lee is impressed at how the whole package came together for this latest success story from Aki-P. Imagine how polished Nogizaka46 will be in October!

[PB] Yuko Oshima ~ 1st Photobook – Jappydolls
Waitaminnit! This isn’t her first! Didn’t she do a junior idol photobook or two?

Abe Hiroshi celebrates first child – Tokyograph
So the sexiest man in Japan is now also the sexiest Dad in Japan! (Dare we call him a DILF?)

Murr’s Picks

Porky Idol Drives Fans to Demand Action – aramatheydidnt
Oh, fuck off, fangirls.