Scouring the Latest Periodical Eyecandy With Jappydolls

Young Magazine No.32 [2011]
WPB Magazine No.30 [2011]
Young Jump No.33 [2011]
UTB Vol.203 [2011]
Shounen Champion No.45 [2011]
FRIDAY [2011.07.15]

Among the many things that make Jappydolls an indispensable part of my wota life is that they share eyecandy from various periodicals as they come out. A bunch were released today, so I figured to take a sampling of half a dozen of these offerings and see who’s getting attention in the idol world and who’s not. I don’t think there’s anything to really be learned here beyond the flavor-of-the-month machinations of the idol industry, since appearances in these kinds of venues often coincide with the promotion of new singles or DVDs.

It should come as no surprise that AKB48 idols dominate the eyecandy landscape in a huge way. Apparently it’s Not Yet’s turn to make its presence felt, as they’re the cover girls on both Friday and Young Magazine. The Young Magazine pictorial is much better than the one for Friday, though it’s not like any of us will have to choose. Meanwhile, Not Yet member and AKB Super Blogger Sashihara Rino gets a solo spread in Shounen Champion. (Shounen Champion also has a full page ad for Tomoe Yamanaka, which is always a good thing.)

Meanwhile, Itano Tomomi gets the cover of Weekly Playboy – and while she remains relatively clothed, this is the only one of the six magazines listed here with actual nudity and a really sexy (if not nude) pictorial by Umemiya Masako.

Young Jump has a pictorial featuring five of the Super*Girls – I think including the big-eared one who I decided was my favorite. I could be wrong, it’s been a while. Also on the non-big-two front, a member of 9nine is featured in Young Magazine – but it isn’t Kawashima Umika! Instead, it’s Satake Uki in a cute but rather generic pictorial.

All of these magazines I mentioned so far only feature SOME eyecandy in its mix of editorial content. UTB, on the other hand, is all about idols and gravure and this is the only one of the batch to give Hello! Project idols as fair a shake as AKB’s. Suzuki Airi not only has the cover to this issue, but Mano Erina and Maeda Yuuka each get respectable showings. The most impressive H!P idol in these pages, though, is Ogawa Saki – she only gets two pages, but each has her posing with a guitar and are super sexy.

Oh, and one member of Morning Musume’s ninth gen gets her own pictorial here, too! Would you be at all surprised it’s Sayashi Riho? Well, who else could it be? Zukki? Riho’s inclusion, though, does make me realize how much this UTB focuses on the younger contingent of the current H!P line-up and the absence of the older members.

UTB doesn’t skimp on AKB idols, either – they may be fair-minded but they’re not stupid – as we again get more Not Yet with an Oshima Yuko pictorial, Yokoyama Yui with Mengishi Minami, as well as two members of NMB48 and one from SKE48. Throw in some gravure stalwarts such as Rika Adachi and Yui Koike into the magazine’s mix, and you have a very substantial, very enjoyable issue.

So yeah, if any of this intrigues you and you need an eyecandy fix, Jappydolls can sate that need toot sweet. And if you wanna see completely naked women and women who fuck on-camera, I would suggest JappydollSEX as a useful alternative. Cause, you know, you gotta keep your options open and all.