Selective Hearing Reports From AM2

AM2 Day 0
AM2 Day 1

For those of us who can’t attend, Greg has posted updates on days zero and one of AM2. It’s great to have these posts so fans can know what’s going on and how much fun we’re missing out on.

The Day 0 interview with the fashion designers Sixh and Gashicon was interesting, helping to explain a part of J-culture that for the most part is lost on me. I found it smart that they’re taking a slow and steady approach to breaking into the American market: it must be expensive going international, and reaching out to those most receptive to their brand is the most cost-effective approach possible. In that sense, anime cons are as much a lifeline for these designers as they are for live Jpop performances in America.

Greg goes on to cover the Opening Day ceremonies on Day 1: while Scandal wasn’t present, it looks like everyone else was available and the photos make it look pretty lively. The comment about the animaid cafe made me laugh, as did his story about taking three different pictures with Gashicon. We also find out that Greg met up with the New School Kaidan crew though there aren’t any photos or evidence of wanton debauchery to sate my thirst for gossip.

I’m waiting to see if New School Kaidan will be posting their own reports during the con, or if it’ll wait until after the con ends. I know the YODC crew is going to see Scandal, at least, but they usually do con posts after the con ends.