Six Years Later, Your Opinion Still Doesn’t Count

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We’ve noted it in the Recommended Readings – Langdimus has decided to celebrate YODC”s sixth anniversary by bringing back some past contributors. But this thing has bloomed enough – like a beautiful flower, or Chester Brown’s The Man Who Could Not Stop – that it’s earned a Noteworthy.  As YODC’s own GZA points out, “6 years of boobs and bullshit is a LONG time”  – and  yet, it still feels fresh to this day! How do they do that? What mystical alchemy is at work to make such a simple formula dazzle for half a dozen years?

Well, there are two answers. One, boobs never grow tiresome. Especially not in the idol world.  And to give credit where credit due, Langdimus has actually been an excellent curator of boobagery over the years, never settling for anything but the best boob and ass shots he can find.

As for the bullshit – well, there’s a special YODC brand of THAT as well. And in bringing back some of the old gang, we see that in full display.  Son of Gigan is the only one to look back and pick out some favorite posts – though as our first Blogger of the Month, Langdimus had already done something similar. CJ does give us an update on what he’s up to – with the last paragraph of advice being particularly memorable in a can’t-burn-it-out-with-acid manner. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

And in an unexpected turn, we have what may be a follow-up to one of YODC’s most tumultuous moments in their history – the whole Hikaru girlfriend thing. Son of Gigan provides a link to the original, while Tsuji Eriku has a response which I can’t tell as being Gospel truth or heaping piles of sarcasm.

The remaining posts are… well, they’re YODC mayhem, devoid of the usual redeeming values. Is there anything about Jpop here? Depends. Does trying to pick up underage girls on the internet count as a Jpop-esque activity? Or opening a bro-thel for gay white men with yellow fever?

I can’t imagine the wotasphere without YODC. They were here when I began, they’ll likely be here long after I leave. By that time, Shinozaki Ai will have daughters showing off their own fulsome breasts and Langdimus will be a wizened elder statesman of the wotasphere who will lay in judgment on just how appealing those breasts are. And even then, your opinion still doesn’t count.