Soprano Beast Is A Promising New Visual Kei Blog

Soprano Beast

While I don’t listen to visual kei music personally, I know there’s a large overseas fandom out there – and even better, some very articulate, very talented bloggers who have strong writing chops that match their love for the genre. Right off the top of my head, there’s Go of jrocknyc, Cliff of Cliffbuzz, and Asari of Rockerica, all of whom set very high standards for others to follow.

Now, Danny wants to throw his hat in the ring with Soprano Beast. Danny is a good looking young man, if we’re to judge from his profile pic for blogger, with a rugged jawline, cool hair, and captivating gaze. More important than that, however, is that he’s got the essentials for a must-read blog, whether you like VK or not: a deep passion for the music, and a clear gift at expressing his thoughts. He also has a different agenda from the other Jrock blogs I’ve encountered: he wishes to champion more recent bands that have emerged in the past five years, which means there’ll be a lot of welcome surprises thrown into the mix.

There are a scant three posts as of this writing: the obligatory introduction and profiles of Irokui and Dolly. The Irokui write-up is solid exposition that lets you get a feel not only for the group’s sound, but also their graphic aesthetic – a very important thing in the VK world – as well as how it’s evolved over the years. The kicker at the end of the post made me stand up and take notice, and I’m glad that Danny shows a sense of humor about it.

What most impressed me, though, is the beginning of his post about Dolly, where he describes going to a carnival in his youth and paints a vivid picture that a VK lyricist would probaby kill for. Then he takes these images, applies it to Dolly, and lets that connection linger meaningfully throughout the remainder of the post.

If anything, I think Danny is still a little too self-aware of addressing his audience, but it’s still quite early in the blog and it’s often just a matter of finding more confidence in one’s voice over time. He’s got the basics down pat, though, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing this blog grow – and provide a useful reference for people just discovering this aspect of VK – in the months to come.