A Closer Look At DIY Idols Houkago Princess

HouPri – The After School Princesses make their Debut! – Okay! Musume Time
Houkago Princess: Houkago Princess ~ Oshiete Kudasai! – Pure Idol Heart

Houkago Princess has released their debut single and now the promotional video for that single, and a couple of blogs have stopped and taken notice. 

Pure Idol Heart is our wotasphere’s champion of indie idols, and the DIY ethic of HouPri makes them as indie as you can get. Gaki seems to take special pleasure in watching this group progress, especially given their strong independent streak and their strong outreach to fans. That said, he’s honest enough to express some mild misgivings, though it may just be a matter of giving the group time to develop and find their niche, as Gaki himself admits.

Okay! Musume Time is a new blog for me, but does a wonderful job screencapping and analyzing the video and song. The screencap review is playful and just a little snarky, but also has a clear point of view and a strong e thusiasm for the group. I do wonder if the one girl that’s being pegged as bored is actually trying to promote a specific idol persona – shy and reticent, or maybe she just doesn’t like how she looks when she smiles, like Soccer Spice Beckham. After the screencaps are very thoughtful assessments of the video and song, which come out favorable but also notes sme awkwardness.

All in all, I’d have to say this is a pretty successful debut for a group under these circumstances. I mean, people taking notice and writing about them is itself something of a triumph! And from what I see, there’s definitely enough here for me to also root for the group and pay closer attention… time permitting. (And time doesn’t always permit.) But it’d be great to see this group blossom into a solid J.V. team in the idol industry, maybe give the likes of Momoclo and Passpo a run for their money.