AKB48 Now Offering A Chance To Live With Them, Sorta

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Spend Your Life With AKB48 – Pure Idol Heart

Is this creepy? I know it’s excessive, but I’m not sure if it’s creepy. Well, at least not in the traditional wota way – if anything, it’s more like the AKB idols are haunting the wota, not vice-versa. But yeah, I guess that’s still creepy, since the wota has to pay to create that effect.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of letting one’s freak flag fly and being true to one’s fandom… And granted, this isn’t exactly unheard of: does anyone remember the apartment designed to resemble the star ship Enterprise?

But this seems to take it to a whole other level, it’s Aki-P assuming the role of Martha Stewart. The now-familiar life-size body pillows of idols was a bad enough idea, supplanting the need (sorta) to seek out human companionship. This just intensifies the wota lifestyle to the exclusion of everyday human behavior. And on the one hand, the libertarian in me thinks that you should be allowed to do what you want. On the other, I have to wonder, Maybe wanting AKB THIS much in your life MAY cross over to the realm of illness. MAYBE.

If anything, this whole home decor concept seems to invite constant masturbation as a poor wota tries to live life in an AKBified world. Really, a life size idol on your shower curtain? You might as well put some bull’s eyes on that idol so the wanking can also double as target practice. And when you’re done, you can wipe off the leftover smegma with a towel featuring Mayuyu or Sashiko’s face on it! And that would probably lead to even more masturbation. And don’t forget the voices encouraging you in their own way, which is a bit too Son Of Sam for my taste.

The one thing that could redeem this idea is if this AKB room could lock a wota in and, when he wants to go to a theater show or concert, is told by Yuko or Mariko, “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Maybe that would make the wota realize how he’s turned his passion into a prison, and perhaps look to an Ikea for solace like any sane person would.