Aoi♥Usagi Revives Summer Refreshment Program

International Wota Summer Refreshment Program!

The Intl Wota Summer Refreshment Program ended earlier than planned when I ran out of people wanting to participate. Aoi, however, expressed an interest in doing one, and then weeks passed, and I thought, “Okay, I figured SOMEBODY would try to just take the sawbuck and run, but I didn’t figure it’d be somebody on the staff…” But live and learn, one moves on and learns whatever lessons one can. In this case, “Don’t trust people from Vermont.”

And while that lesson still holds true, Aoi has delivered her Summer Refreshment post and it seems to have been worth the wait. True to her homeland, she chose a wonderful summer treat with Ben & Jerry’s sorbet. I’m more of a Chunky Monkey person myself… but enough talk about my fapping habits.

Aoi also found an interesting, refreshing idea that does feel summery: idols in pants. Aoi writes eloquently of the ostranie one experiences when seeing an idol in pants, implicitly challenging the gendered assumptions female idols carry while still being quite sexy and cute on the right pair of legs and ass. The shot of Miyabi which inspired Aoi’s post is quite fetching, but the truly magnificent example is Sayumi’s.

So I got my ten bucks’ worth of summer refreshment, and we’ll proceed to try out a variation of this program for the autumn, and all is right with the world, right?

Almost. The bad news is, I can’t get “Pants On The Ground” out of my head now. Which only proves how evil and sneaky Vermonters are. Good Lord, they’re almost as bad as Canadians.