C-ute’s “Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko!” PV Manages To Impress

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Something weird is going on – but it’s a good kind of weird. The new C-ute PV has been released and there’s a flurry of responses – most all of which has been quite positive, even when the obvious criticisms are leveled. Having watched the video, I can see why: while being as cheap as any other modern H!P video, there’s a liveliness and energy and sense of fun that the girls project which feels very authentic, which makes the video come alive in a way that other cheap H!P videos simply do not. The last time I cared about a C-ute song was maybe “Tokkaiko Junjou”, so for me to stand up and take notice is… well, it’s unusual. But I have to admit, it feels good.

And the love is out there throughout the wotasphere! AimxAi at Janakya Mottainai starts by claiming to hate the video – or at least wanting to hate it, based on previews – but being won over completely as she watched the final version. Sophie of J. Popping is even more brutal in her assessment, tearing through many perceived weaknesses in every aspect imaginable. However, she concludes, “In sum…I like C-ute’s PV. The song is bland, the PV is cheap, but the girls look genuinely happy to be performing together.” It would’ve been interesting to explore further the positive aspects of the video as Sophie sees it, but her criticisms remain valid nonetheless.

Okay! Musume Time’s Chiima is just flat-out positive for the song and PV, declaring, “To top it all off, the PV is colourful, bright and energetic, and it makes you fall in love with this group over and over again.” Hello! SayuNii is similarly enthusiastic, making positive comparisons to “Momoiro Sparkling” and focusing on the strong use of color in both costumes and setting. Enjoying the video but focusing more on the vocals, Gaki of Pure Idol Heart declares, “It`s a much better release then some of the recent H!P releases.”

Greg of Selective Hearing notes, “Long-time Hello! Project fans have already had their fill of this kind of video but for some reason this manages to stay fun” though the jury’s still out on the song. He also points out how cool Chisato looks in her cowboy hat, which is quite true. For some reason, any time an H!P idol in particular wears a cowboy hat, it manages to look sexy and stylish – this goes back to Sayaka in “Koi no Dance Site” and Kei in RR21, so it’s nice to see the tradition continue.

Chuu Sugoi Idol also finds this PV quite familiar, “Just a typical HP PV and nothing new” and continues to like the mature C-ute more. And our latest addition to Intl Wota, Serenyty of Happy Disco, is moved to blog about H!P for the first time in a long while because of this video, even though she remains unsure of why she’s “absolutely completely charmed by the song and PV”.

Several bloggers point out the dance move where they grab a leg and pump it a little. AimxAim calls it the funky chicken, Chiima calls it “foot pops”, Greg is reminded of Will Smith, and I’m reminded of the Beastie Boys. Is there a proper term for this move? Is this the Smurf, the Popeye, OR the Jerry Lewis? (It’s definitely not The Smurf.) At any rate, a whole dance based on that one move would probably be enough to make me an H!P fan again. Maybe.

As it is, this video shows how the proper enthusiasm from idols and a little ingenuity from the people who make idol videos can go a long, long way. This could’ve been yet another case of that familiar drone, “Cheapest looking video yet,” but instead it managed to stir up a whole lot of positive attention despite its limitations.

And unlike the recent S/mileage news, which left most people feeling ambivalent at best and tasting Tsunku’s shit melt in their mouths at the worst, this video made many in the wotasphere – even those not as inclined towards C-ute – feel GOOD. I’d even go so far as to say it’s made some of us – myself, at least – hopeful for the future of Hello! Project, providing a potent reminder of what this idol collective is capable of. Is this just a fluke, a freak occurrence that will generate only momentary good will, or is it a sign of things to come? Only time will tell.