Midori Wants To Convert A Non-Wota

The 5-Step Wota-Conversion Plan

In this world, there are only two types of people: Wota and Non-wota. In my life, I’ve come across these alleged non-wota everywhere. Those who know not the sparkles, rainbows, love and pop that is idol music. Those who are ignorant of the joy that an idol/group can bring into your life.

But I’ve learned, that in my experience, when it comes to idols at least, that music is not the way to convince someone to become an idol fan. I absolutely advise against it. Japanese music, idol music, anyway, comes across as very… harsh, I’m going to say. They (the non-wota) aren’t prepared for the high-pitched foreign language vocals that can literally become an assault on the ears. The costumes are blinding, the happy so overwhelming, the angst oh so very underwhelming, that they’re likely to be turned away from the music. So how do I suggest going about turning someone into a wota? TV Shows. Plain and simple. This is a tried and true method. I’ve converted several friends with clips of television appearances, shows and the like. It’s important it be translated and fortunately for us, there is a wealth of translated material out there for us.

So for you, midori, this is my suggestion. Since you’re suggesting mainly MM songs, I suggest showing Hello!Morning episodes or their Utaban appearances. Because even then, they’ll still hear the music, but their personalities will be the main draw point.