New School Kaidan Interviews Brian Ashcraft, Author Of Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential

INTERVIEW: Brian Ashcraft – New School Kaidan

This is a definite feather in NSK’s cap – not just landing this interview, but doing such a great job with the questions. David Liao and Dae Lee have a great conversation with Ashcraft, focusing their attention on the idol world, Ashcraft’s own taste in music, the nature of scandals, the hallyu wave, and considerably more. Ashcraft gives engaging, thoughtful answers throughout, with some welcome surprises (the comparison of the idol industry to earlier eras of Hollywood comes to mind – Madara would love that).

If anything, I wish there was more of a discussion on the writing of Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential before the interview ended. We get a good idea of the difficulties in putting together such a book, but it seemed like the surface was only scratched.

I have my copy of Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential right within reach, still mostly unread but it’s only a matter of time. The second chapter is titled “Idol Worship” and it’s a solid primer for anyone interested in the topic: it not only covers the major modern acts (AKB48, Morning Musume) and up-and-coming acts (Scandal, Jurian Beat Crisis), but also has a solid history of idols from post-World War II to present to give a sense of perspective. So if you’re on the fence about getting it, I definitely think it’s worth your money.

And if you’re still on the fence, definitely click on the link and read the interview if you haven’t already! It’ll give you plenty to think about and enjoy, and convince you this is a person whose opinions are worth reading.