Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – August 22nd, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Mariko Gets Her Own Fashion Magazine – IXA Ready
Get me Shinoda with a staple-in-her-navel and I’ll buy a subscription.

What did Depraved Oppas Do to Girls’ Generation? Part 5 (Final) – The Grand Narrative
The last part of the translation series is finally here.

Berryz Kobo Spring 2011 Concert—Another Winner! – Madara Blog
The best part is about Momoko.

Togasaki’s wise words – Aitakatta!
Cat praises AKB’s theater manager for providing common sense in the midst of the latest scandals.

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Part 7 – Happy Disco
Momochi Minami is fucking creepy. Forget the uncanny valley, this is like the uncanny subterranean cave.

Faeries are too Fierce for their own Name – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima is impressed by the talent on display, but not finding the spark to be emotionally engaged.

Fairies-More Kiss PV preview – Janakya Mottainai
AimxAim is disappointed by the video preview but still welcomes the variety Fairies offers.

AAA-I4U radio rip – Janakya Mottainai
Aim makes good on her promise to keep up with AAA on her blog.

SUPER GiRLS show off their girl power in new PV – Janakya Mottainai
Aim is delighted in this PV with some great compliments that sound kind of like put-downs. A very fun read.

Twitter Update: Kahi – AfterSchool ❤
Kahi’s looking a little Cruella De Vil here.

Mini-PicSpam: Reconquista prt2 – Itsumo Genki
So which one is Tony Curtis and which one is Sidney Poitier?

Megadeth Ex-Guitarist Friedman to release 2nd J-pop cover album – aramatheydidnt
Heavy Metal-San strikes again!

News: U-ie Reveals that G.NA used to dance off-beat – AfterSchool ❤
So she beat off who during a dance? Oh wait, I didn’t read that right…

Stellar’s Jun Yul is a 564 year old princess from space? – allkpop
There’s weird and quirky, and there’s Trying Too Had And Deserving Our Pity At Best.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
I wonder what their headquarters looks like…

Haruu Vows To Win Janken Tournament – IXA Ready
What’s not included is her quote, “Acchan? Dead. Mariko? Dead. Yukorin? Dead. Longcat? Dead. They’ll all be dead if I had my way!”