Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – August 25th, 2011


Ray’s Picks

KARA to release their very own fragrance – allkpop
I’d splash myself with Eau de Hara Hara – and wouldn’t care WHAT body fluid inspired it.

AKB48 – Flying Get 2nd Day Sales – IXA Ready
Closing in on the “Love Machine” record there…

Hottest collaboration of the year! – aramatheydidnt
Now let’s see if Gocchin can master baby, or if she loves party people.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
What I really wanna see is her making dinuguan sexy.

how I met Henkka – Tin Tee Treehouse
Read it as if it was the prelude to a yaoi manga. It’s even better that way!

BiS Total Madness – Pure Idol Heart
Nozomi’s idea of planting pipe bombs on Momoclo’s van was struck down by the other members.

Update About Sayashi Riho and Mitsui Aika’s Injuries – Hello! SayuNii
Proof that being an idol is a very dangerous job, Exhibit A.

SKE48′s Matsushita Yui to graduate due to injury – Tokyograph
Proof that being an idol is a very dangerous job, Exhibit B.

Swing Girls hope to be recognized for their music, not just their breast cup sizes – allkpop
Fat chance. Fat, juicy, D-cup mammaries chance.

H!P Releases August 24 – Hello! SayuNii
The one release already feels like history: S/mileage’s last 4-nin concert DVD.

Scandal – Baby Action – Selective Hearing
Greg notes the direction the group takes with this album, and also that it’s not a surprise.

Flower’s Member List – aramatheydidnt
Helpful guide to idol hawtness.

so, which Johnny talent do you want to sleep with? – aramatheydidnt
As for the number once choice, it’s like they sing in Cabaret: “Twosies beat onesies, but nothing beats six.”

KARA’s Gyuri receives a birthday present from Super Junior’s Shindong …three months later – allkpop
In other news, Heechul just sent out last year’s Christmas cards.

Kurumi no Heya eps 1-4 – HamsapSukebe
If it’s set in the eighties, where’s Cindy Lauper and Dexy’s Midnight Runners?

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: the long interview – Time Out Tokyo
I like the part where she expounds on the global debt crisis and proposes ways to solve it.

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