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Recommended Reading – August 31st, 2011

Ray’s Picks

SMTOWN NYC confirmed for October 23rd – Koreaboo
Great news, but don’t be surprised if bunches of people in leather gimp masks and chains show up, given the event’s name and the city involved.

Younha Graduates from University – allkpop
Congratulations, and hopefully she made a law school friend or two.

Gladiators in Space! – Kono Chikyuu no Blah Blah PV Pic Spam! – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima loves the PV, though the amount of CG gave her a moment’s pause. Or maybe just temporarily blinded her.

Kuriyama Chiaki gets first lead role in drama series as secret spy – aramatheydidnt
Maybe someday The Continuing Adventures Of Go Go Yubari will be made. In the meanwhile…

SNSD brings a 400% increase in sales for ‘Woongjin Coway’ – allkpop
Girl Groups, not GroupOn!

30 Day Idol challenge – Aitakatta!
Cat gets in on the meme and starts off with a bang, as her favorite idol will be no surprise…

30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 2 – Aitakatta!
But holy shit! Cat lets out the long knives here and slices deep. Marvelous!

My Top Ten Idols Redux – Happy Disco
IW curator Serenyty – now at her new digs – also doesn’t surprise with her top idol, though the rest hold unexpected choices.

More photos from ‘LIVE STYLE 2011’ – Namie News Network
Ooooh… pretty pretty. The white outfit with black lines is especially sexy.

Fresh Faces: AKG – Pure Idol Heart
They’ve dropped the 48 but they’ll never drop the Akagi! Gaki gives us another look at these regional idols.

AKB48 – Seishun to Kizukanai Mama PV -IXA Ready
Some thoughts on the close of the second Majisuka Gakuen, as well as a PV for the end song.

Request Hour Best 100 2012 Details – IXA Ready
Details on the biggest musical event of the orthodox AKB church calendar.

Top Ten Highest-Paid CM Actresses – aramtheydidnt
Wow, the numbah one surprised me, can’t believe she’s still running that strong!

S/mileage Sub-Members Open Official Ameblo Blog – Hello! SayuNii
Future entry: “I found ground glass mixed into my food today. At first I thought it was the OGs but then realized it’s another ‘test’ from management.”

30 Day Hello! Project Idol Challenge – Day 20 – The Blogpower!!!
Kath not only avoids the dictionary, but makes an intriguing choice which is making me rethink this particular idol. Bravo on such a canny choice!

Ayumi Hamasaki’s “Brillante” is full of half-naked mens – Neaux Clicked On It
Oh hey, naked mens? Count me in! The whole PV’s like a weird sequel to Caligula.