Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – August 5th, 2011


Ray’s Picks

Gocchin’s CM for Monster Hunter PS3 HD – aramatheydidnt
She looks so happy, doesn’t she? It’s like she’s in her natural element.

Sowelu rubs her fur in “Let ME Lead U” – Neaux Clicked On It
Alas, it is just a music video.

Married life going well for Yaguchi and ‘alien visitor’ husband – aramatheydidnt
I still can’t get that image of rappelling-equipment-during-sex out of my head.

Rain meets up with Hollywood star Richard Gere – allkpop
“Hi, I’m Richard Gere. This is Bi. At least, when I tell him to be.”

Sunny Hill’s “Pray” MV banned on MBC and KBS – Koreaboo
This is enough to make me actually sit down and watch the video, when I would’ve ignored it before.

KARA discusses September comeback title track issues – Koreaboo
With a big season for hallyu girl groups coming, some strategery is apparently called for.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
I dunno, I think she can fit a fourth if she tried.

Clip of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
When Langdimus wrote I’d like this, I automatically assumed they’d all be twelve yeas old or drag queens. Or both!

Gantz Comes to DVD This Month; Sequel Airs in San Francisco – Comics Worth Reading
Bay Area wota can see the Gantz movies on the big screen!

Tsunku acknowledges admiration for Aki-P – aramatheydidnt
Stop buttering Aki-P up, Tsunku, and just ask for a job already. Time’s running short.

Today’s Recommendation: downy – Cliffbuzz
An interesting band choice from Cliff!

New Directions – Soprano Beast
Danny has a great write-up on Aicle and what to make of their new direction.

Idol Galaxy I – Jappydolls
A helpful guide for us idol watchers!

Pic Spam: Motivation – Itsumo Genki
I don’t know if this’ll get you up and moving, but it should at least make you laugh.

Murr’s Picks

Mina’s Favorite Idol Concert – Wota (in training)
Mmm, no, not quite. It’s rare, is what it is, being a fanclub only release. Because of Kago da yo~

TOKIO’s Joshima spotted on late-night date – Tokyograph
About time Leader gets some. After Higashiyama, the next in terms of marriage would be Tokio, ne?

Brian’s Picks

Meet Ashida Mana – Nights4Blogging
Life Imitating Logan’s Run. Matsuura Aya gets replaced by a 7 year old. Sure, it’s probably because of an expiring contract. But still… A 7 year old. Hilarious.

Wait, what’s this!? A Korean girl BAND!? OMFG! – omonatheydidnt
Called PRIDE BAND. Read through the comments for other instances of Korean girl bands.

boobs or man boobs… – Everyday Happenings in the Idol Universe
Answers withheld so you all can have your own personal Crying Game.

KARA – Go Go Summer – Selective Hearing
Another Selective Hearing review. One question though: Besides the ooo48 family, what home grown Japanese idol groups hasn’t KARA surpasssed?

Let’s talk about Uchouten LOVE – TVD Nation
Tommy has nothing but praise for S/mileage’s latest single. As for S/mileage surpassing Morning Musume, call me when they’ve sold a million copies of a single.

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7′s Hetappi Wink / DiVA’s Cry – idol love
Yello has her interpretations of the PVs from these AKB48 subunits. Full of snark. Do more of these.

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