Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – August 6th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

NAKED / Fight Together / Tempest – Gold Hikari
Die finds this a mixed bag of a triple single, but dubs it an overall solid effort.

Anna Tsuchiya announces new single and tour!! – aramatheydidnt
Great news for Anna’s fans!

My Venture Back into K-Pop – New School Kaidan
David Liao laments the changes in the Kpop scene, but finds a ray of light back.

MTV Dubs Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s PONPONPON “One of the Craziest Videos Ever!” – aramatheydidnt
So does this count as a “Japan LOL” moment or just the God’s honest truth?

Momoko Tani ~ Vol.01-02 – Jappydolls
Here’s some wonderful Momokolicious eyecandy for everyone!

AKB48’s new PV comes through with flying colors – Janakya Mottainai
Our blogger of the month AimxAim loves the PV so far, and her screencaps make the non-Big-Two moments more interesting!

C-ute-Sekai ichi Happy na Onna no ko radio rip – Janakya Mottainai
AimxAim wants to like the song, but admits to some annoying aspects of it.

Wonder Girls drop hints about their upcoming release – Koreaboo
They’re going to build a giant wooden rabbit, hide inside it, and leave it at KARA”s castle doorstep.

My Top 10 Favorite J-Rock Songs of 2011 (Part 1) – Cliffbuzz
Cliff chooses from the first half of the year, including Luna Sea, Kagrra, Dir en Grey, and Gackt.

KARA’s Goo Hara introduces her “beauty juice” in the latest issue of ViVi! – allkpop
I didn’t read past “beauty juice” because I didn’t want my dirty thoughts spoiled.

HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” banning is a hot topic for debate – allkpop
And again, the random bureaucracy that dictates entertainment standards is questioned.

SPOTLIGHT: Sunny Hill – Koreaboo
A very informative profile on the group that’s generating some controversy on the Kpop scene.

Becky’s having a hard time getting drama roles because of her look? – aramatheydidnt
This bias against hafu is one of the biggest differences between a culture I admire and the culture I inhabit.

Brian’s Picks

idol and food : it’s all in the mind… – Everyday Happenings in the Idol Universe
“Peel slowly and see.” Also, what? No Popsicles?

see the answer… – Everyday Happenings in the Idol Universe
The answers to yesterday’s Crying Game.

A Touch of Old School – New School Kaidan
David talks about bump.y and their nostalgic single. Hey! Wait a minute! Some of us only follow these so-called minor groups.

Weekly PlayBoy – aibonaipon (tumblr)
Six pages worth of PASSPO☆ eyecandy. I just want to mention that I hate Kaho’s birthmarks.

J-Rock Fridays Vol. 51 – J-Rock Explosion
Another week of J-rock. Miila and the Geeks is my favorite of the bunch.