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Recommended Reading – August 8th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Akanishi Jin’s role in “47 Ronin” at risk of brutal cuts – aramatheydidnt
Three rumor posts from arama! This one I believe pretty much because it seems so typically Bakanishi…

Rumor: Matsuura Aya to marry Tachibana Keita, retirement? – aramatheydidnt
… This one I don’t believe. But if I’m wrong, I know Ayaya will have very beautiful babies with Keita.

Goto Maki distrust in Avex, possible reason for hiatus – aramatheydidnt
… This one I believe a whole lot, though I wonder what Gocchin’s going to do then if she ever decides to return.

Big Bang’s Daesung participates in a training camp at church – allkpop
Good to see Daesung staying active.

The Newly Opened ‘Not Yet’ Store is Shiny – New School Kaidan

Soredemo ikite yuku eps 3+4 – HamsapSukebe
I like the part about the blowjobs.

Buono – Partenza – Selective Hearing
Greg is pleased at another solid release from Buono! – and one which didn’t stray as far from their formula as fans feared it would.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Doesn’t this remind you of Sonim’s “Curry Rice no Onna”?

Ayabie- Ryusei PV – Neaux Clicked On It
Oooh. Pretty pretty boys. Actually, I think fans of idol pop could get into this song – it’s quite catchy.

Gender, Consumerism, & Advertising: The Sociological Rabbit Hole – The Grand Narrative
Okay this isn’t at all about idols of any sort, but the whole “head cant” thing is absolutely fascinating!

Afilia Saga East: La*La*La Raborution Video Goodness – Pure Idol Heart
Proof that indie idols can do swimsuit pandering as well as the majors…

Tsunku And Indie Idols. – Pure Idol Heart
And Gaki gives props to Tsunku for promoting talent outside of the majors.

AKB48 Members in other Artists’ PVs – MELOS no Michi
In the wake of JAMIL x Takamina, a helpful guide to other AKB idols appearing in non-AKB PVs.

China? Brace Yourselves – aramatheydidnt
SMAP’s first overseas concert sounds pretty exciting!

An Idol that Mina Believes has Charisma – Wota (in training)
Is charisma such a difficult idea that EVERYBODY needs to quote the dictionary?