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Recommended Reading – August 9th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

GP Basic performs and gets interviewed on China’s ‘Youth’s Evolution’ – allkpop
Hopefully, China returns the favor and sends a half-dozen blonde lolibait idols to Korea for a while.

Idols AeLL Become Wrestlers For A Day – Pure Idol Heart
I’m betting Shinozaki Ai has had plenty of experience wrestling in her career.

My Life got Flipped, Turned Upside Down – New School Kaidan
Dae Lee is stunned and impressed with the freshness of this release.

Perfume to make movie debut dancing with Moriyama Mirai in “Moteki” – Tokyograph
And hey, this isn’t a cartoon like Family Guy or Cars 2.

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 22 – Selective Hearing
Greg is up to #22 and gets us all up to speed.

Is Sayaka or Aki-P Gackt’s Favorite AKB48 Member? – IXA Ready
Funny, Gackt struck me as more of a Miyazawa Sae guy. Or is that Miyazaki Hayao?

Super Men Always Perfect reveal tracklist for disaster relief album – aramatheydidnt
SMAP’s charity album looks to be a crowd-pleasing smash success.

Covers + PV Preview + Drama tie-in info of Do As Infinity 26th single “Ariadne no Ito” – aramatheydidnt
It’s a jolly ‘oliday with Van Tomiko! Van Tomiko makes your ‘eart so light!

Who The Bitch- Summer PV – Neaux Clicked On It
Neaux got me at “retro 50′s surfer rock”. This is very cute in a Kill Rock Stars way!

UCP Newbie Roundup! – Soprano Beast
Danny profiles four new acts signed to UPC and judges their chances of survival.

Tomochin Performs With A Puppet In CM – IXA Ready
So I heard an AKB had her hand all the way up another female and… well, this isn’t what I was hoping for.

Which actor would you want to be on a deserted island with? – aramatheydidnt
Personally, I’d want an actor who won’t put up too much of a fight when I knock him out and proceed to cook one body part at a time for my sustenance… So yeah, Sho would be fine.